difficulties with trust

“Trust is a major issue for all people… [People] have difficulty trusting their own reactions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Trust is basic to human relationships, and its absence makes finding and keeping friends and lovers difficult, if not impossible.

When one cannot trust, a vicious cycle begins. The less you trust, the less likely you are to have friends or intimate relationships. The more isolated you become, the less you can trust others. When others do not seek you out, or you cannot seem to make friends, you may think that there is something wrong with you. Thus you feel more vulnerable, and more in need of guarding yourself rather than trusting enough to be open…

One way to protect yourself is by not needing or wanting anything. If you expect nothing, you cannot be disappointed”. 

To stay safe, most adults [stop] taking chances, and expect little from others. To change these behaviors, you must begin to take these risks slowly, but purposefully, by giving yourself the opportunity to test your trust with trustworthy people.

<This is an excerpt from a book that my therapist gave me>

Here is a song I really like, it makes me cry 8/10 times. :’)



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