• Status of facial hair after ~90day waxing hiatus
  • just the -stache
  • Whole face dermaplaned



Am I being melodramatic? NOPE. So my journey with trying to figure out a way to control the excess hair on my face started in middle school. My sister picked up some Nair from HEB (the best grocery store on Earth) and tricked me into being the guinea pig to try it first. As expected, it took the hair off in about ten minutes but left me with a red, burning but bald patch on my face. I continued using this irritating and ultimately scarring product for years until I discovered waxing at the very end of my senior year of high school. ***Sidenote: I had been threading my eyebrows since 9th grade, and sometimes did my mustache, but never threaded my face up to this point***

Alright, so they day before I was set to graduate, I had enough of my facial hair and decided to get it waxed at the disgusting place I threaded my eyebrows at. This was my face after waxing for the first time… so naÏve.

IMG_0276.jpgLuckily, I didn’t have an adverse reaction to the waxing and was able to attend my graduation feeling less embarrassed about my face. I stuck with waxing for a long time and tried threading out for a while too. YES. Threading my entire face, from the ‘stache to the sideburns. It was honestly torture and I regret it wholeheartedly. I’ve tried strip wax, hard wax, sugaring, and everything else in between. It worked, but every appointment was SO expensive and the results only lasted about 3-4 weeks before I was back to my gorilla state.

“There has to be a better way! – probably Billy Mays” – boredhannah

So the reason for this post? Earlier this week, I finally tried dermaplaning! It’s the fancy word for shaving. If you get this “procedure” performed by an esthetician, it will run you ~$120 but you can buy effective products online and in the drug store for amazing results. I have heard about this hair removal method before but thought it was reserved for people with very fine, blonde peach fuzz. What caused me to finally try it out was seeing a black woman on YouTube doing it on her face and I knew if her thick hair was able to handle it, I would be fine as well.

I purchased these razors from Amazon and had Witch Hazel on hand to use as an astringent before and after dermaplaning. The process is very easy, simply use a cleanser to clean your face (I use Cetaphil), then follow that with an astringent, and get to shaving! In order to avoid cuts, you will want to hold your razor at a 45 degree angle to your skin, hold your skin taut, and work downwards in short strokes. And just like that, I had a painless, cheap, easy way to get rid of my excess facial hair! Below are some before and afters that show the amazing results. P.S. I think because my hair is a little thicker, I do have a little bit of a stubbly feeling on my face… However, I would much prefer this stubble than to have excess hair and the embarrassment and uncomfortableness that comes with it.

I am amazed at the results and will continue to use this method until I can afford laser or electrolysis. Getting rid of my facial hair, in my opinion, is mostly for other people and only slightly for me. If people’s eyes didn’t linger on my epic ‘stache or sideburns (or if I was able to forget about people teasing me about my gorilla face) I don’t even think I would go to such great lengths to remove my facial hair. Maybe when rocking epic facial hair is on a trend, I’ll let it grow, but for now, I’m ready to live as a naked mole rat from the neck up.

tl;dr? Dermaplaning is cool, look it up.


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